Exposing Fake Logic

Logical Criticism by Avi Sion

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1.            A Fortiori Argument, in General and in Judaism

1.            Formalization of a fortiori argument

2.            Validation of a fortiori argument

3.            Arguments involving proportionality

4.        …

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1. A Fortiori Argument, in General and in Judaism


This chapter[1] first details the formal relationships and distinctions between purely a fortiori argument, a crescendo argument (which refers to proportional a fortiori argument), pro rata argument, and qualitative and quantitative analogy. These various forms of argument are often confused, so…

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5. Bar Ilan’s Journal, BDD


1.Submission and rejection of an article

Back in January 2014, soon after I completed and published my book A Fortiori Logic, I went to Israel for a well-earned vacation. I met Prof. Ely Merzbach in Jerusalem over a cup of tea. We had met before, years ago in his office at Bar Ilan Univer…

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6. Self-Publishing and Other-Publishing


1.A bit of history

Publishing a piece of writing means making it public, so as to share its contents, to disseminate it, and in some cases (if it is considered timeless) to perpetuate it. Originally, in ancient times, when an author put his thoughts or ideas down on paper (or any other ma…

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Main References


The following are the main references made in the present work. There are, in fact, some more references scattered throughout the present volume, in footnotes. The selection of some under the heading of ‘main references’ is somewhat subjective. References made through Internet links, even if i…

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