Exposing Fake Logic

Logical Criticism by Avi Sion

Table of Contents




1.            A Fortiori Argument, in General and in Judaism

1.            Formalization of a fortiori argument

2.            Validation of a fortiori argument

3.            Arguments involving proportionality

4.            A few words on the history

5.            Mishna Baba Qama 2:5

6.            Gemara Baba Qama 25a-b


2.            Luis Duarte D’Almeida

1.            A second-hand conception

2.            A second-rate conception

3.            Examples used

4.            With stronger reason, literally?

5.            A Peter Keating performance


3.            Mahmoud Zeraatpishe

1.            Introduction

2.            Cases proposed by Zeraatphishe

3.            Summary of results

4.            Fake general claims

5.            Apologetic nonsense


4.            Michael Avraham, et al.

1.            About “translation”

2.            About deduction

3.            Past attempts

4.            A fortiori argument?

5.            In denial


5.            Bar Ilan’s Journal, BDD

1.            Submission and rejection of an article

2.            First retort to the anonymous referee

3.            Second retort to the same referee

4.            Torah and science


6.            Self-Publishing and Other-Publishing

1.            A bit of history

2.            Weaknesses and abuses of the system

3.            On academe

4.            Publishing attempts

5.            On librarians

6.            On historians


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